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My R125 Has Been Giving Me Problems Lately

Discussion in 'Members Bikes / Blogs' started by ImzHKS, Apr 2, 2015.

  1. ImzHKS


    Current Bike (Optional):
    Yamaha R125
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    UK Provisional (CBT)
    Hi guys. I am still new to this forum.

    My bike has been giving me problems since yesterday and has left me confused.
    It has been a week i haven't ridden it. I have been using the bike to commute on a daily basis and it had been fine. I tried starting it - nothing. I tried bump starting it - nothing.
    Then i thought its just a weak battery and i got the oxford trickle charger from my cousin and charged the battery up. Last time this worked for me however later on i had a fuel pump problem which i got replaced (common fault i heard mine is 10 plate) and it was not the battery which was the reason for it not starting up.
    So anyway this time i done the same thing thinking once the battery is fully charged it should fire up straight away. I was surprised as i was wrong. I tried starting it but it was not firing up. I sat on the bike and moved it right to left and forward back. It finally just! about started after holding on to the button for a little while. This is the first time this has happened to me in 2 and a half years of owning the bike. I left it on for some time and then i can hear its about to cut out like it struggling to stay on but it managed to stay on just about!

    I didn't turn it off but instead went straight to my local garage because it was due a service now anyway and i was thinking it may be a spark plug problem or something. While riding to the garage it was feeling VERY sluggish as though it has not got much power and when giving throttle the power was lagging. Picking up speed was weird. I got it serviced and it did feel better but not 100% there. Oil/Filter were dirty but i was told the spark plug was not so bad. Its not the same as it used to ride. I found that in 2nd gear it feels like its dragging with the speed and then it proceeds with the speed. Instead of smoothly increasing speed. Its just getting me worried and annoying me at the same time. Any suggestions ideas please share? I will be sharing some pictures of my R125. Hope you like it :)

    IMG_20140624_122927.jpg IMG_20140911_132012.jpg

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  3. newbietoprofessional

    newbietoprofessional Well-Known Member

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    YZF R125 Matte Grey
    License Currently Held:
    UK Full Bike
    You should post this on! You're more likely to get an answer over there..

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