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Megelli 125r Carb Problems

Discussion in 'Technical / Mechanical Discussion' started by raff, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. blackizzz

    blackizzz Super Member

    Stockholm, Sweden
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    R125 -11 Black and Gold
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    Won't fit mate, they have a swingarm that allows the down-pipe to do "under and up" instead of straight back as the R125 requires. Plus
    The downpipe isn't a problem anymore ;) I've found a guy to make it, for a good price, and now I'm just looking for material :p
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  2. Newtothisshit


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    UK Provisional (CBT)
    Hi I'm new to biking, bought a megelli 125r like this one and it started and rode ok! Had to replace battery pretty much straight away but after that fired up first time every time, I started the bike the other day and when I tried to apply revs the bike spluttered and died I then started it again and it did the same thing, the bike hasn't started since!!!! Anyone got any ideas where to start? Also the fuel light stays on perminantly

    Thank you, any help would be appreciated
  3. Paul6676

    Paul6676 Active Member

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    2012 R125
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    UK Provisional (CBT)

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