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First Pictures Of Ducati 1199 Panigale Nake

Discussion in 'General Biking Chat' started by Omar, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Omar

    Omar Administrator Staff Member

    kingston jamaica/uk
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    Yamaha r6
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    These are the first official images of the new Ducati 1199 Panigale without bodywork.
    The images show off the cast aluminium airbox frame and highlight just how compact the 1198cc machine is.
    The 195bhp Panigale takes superbikes to a new level of sophistication with an abundance of electronic aids, including ABS, traction control, customisable riding modes and electronic engine braking.
    The Ducati 1199 Panigale S ABS is priced at £19,750.
    MCN senior road tester Michael Neeves rode the bike at the launch and had this to say: "Apart from the colour and the noise it makes, the Panigale has nothing in common with Ducati superbikes of old.
    "The chassis is ‘frameless’, there’s a new-generation ‘superquadro’ L-twin engine and it comes with the very latest electronic rider aids, which work.
    "Producing a claimed 195bhp and weighing 188kg, wet, it has a fearsome power-to-weight ratio, but is remarkably easy to ride. Gone is the out-going 1198’s excess of almost uncontrollable torque and in is a smooth power curve and a searing top end.
    "Like Ducatis of old its super-stable in fast corners, but now it steers as fast as a Japanese superbike. It’s a very clever motorcycle and very, very good
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  3. Killachipmunk

    Killachipmunk Moderator Staff Member

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    Compact? No poop!
    That's just a single block of MACHINE. Love it.
    Absolutely love the work that's gone into that. Never seen a bike with so little space inside before :p
    I bet mechanics are going to love this one... :/
  4. Fisher

    Fisher Administrator Staff Member

    Basingstoke - Hampshire
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    Cameron (Call me Fisher)
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    Audi Cage
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    That is purely pornographic!

    But yeah. I would HATE to own one of those :S
    Would be near impossible to work on :hmm:
  5. D-Drz

    D-Drz Moderator Staff Member

    I love it! Imagen going to do your local and say you dropped a screw somewhere can they get it for you :D
    Fisher likes this.
  6. Benji

    Benji Super Member

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    Kawasaki ZX6R - P7F
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    UK Full Bike
    I agree, sat on one at the NEC, and it was uncomfortable, and the plastics looked cheap and tacky, might be pre-production, so hopefully they have sorted that. Be interesting to see how many issues they have when the paying public finally gets it. Know a guy who has ordered one, still waiting, no date given for when it arrives, official apology letter from Ducati and DVD to watch about the engine, not much use if you want to be out riding.

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