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New Profile Posts

  1. dallen
    why can i not make a thread on the for sale section ? really frasutrating
  2. ashmert
    ashmert blackizzz
    hi do you still have the fuel map for the yzfr125 with a 150cc bore kit? i cant find them anywhere!
  3. Aidan Cullen
    Aidan Cullen
    Hi all, im new hereDoes anyone know where to find a 13 tooth front sprocket for a 2011 r125
  4. kyle
    Anyone who needs parts for their bikes I recommend go bikes the parts aren't the end of the service they'll talk you thru any problems
  5. Greddii
    Greddii DW.
    Do you still have access to the yzf r125 PC5 map?
    Could you send it to me?
    Thank you!
  6. Edgard111
    Edgars Ozols
  7. martinjknight
    I'm unable to create a thread. It comes up with a server error?
    1. Edgard111 likes this.
  8. Supershift
    How do you open threads
  9. Supershift
    I thought I might join
  10. salter0203
    hi i ama new and having trouble opening new thread keep getting error
  11. TeyinOscera
    TeyinOscera Darren Hill
    Hey dude I'm also in Margate
  12. JMR125
    Why can't I add threads???
  13. JMR125
    JMR125 Fisher
    Hi Fisher, I'm trying to create a thread on the R125 forum, but it keeps showing an error stating that the server had a issue. I can't find anyone from admin on here but saw that your a staff member, are you able to see if admin can check my account? I just joined about an hour ago. Thanks
  14. Axelroberto
    Guys can anyone please confirm what size sockets i need to remove rear and front tyres on my 2014 r125? please.
  15. Danny dri
    Danny dri Chris 'JML'
    If u can get hold of me on here can u ring or message me on 07756711712
  16. Danny dri
    Danny dri Chris 'JML'
    Hello pal hm for frame and v5 for r125 and wat year is it
  17. Stian
    1. newbietoprofessional
      Jan 9, 2016
  18. Jzfjka17
    Hello guys! when i accelerate,just touch the gas, i can hear a weird sound from the engine, but acceleration and all is fine... yzf 2008
    1. newbietoprofessional
      Jan 9, 2016
  19. james.vk
    Has eny got any ideas i have a yamaha yzf r 125 ans every time i pres the ignition buttion it dies eny ideas
    1. newbietoprofessional
      Jan 9, 2016
  20. Sako London
    Sako London
    I'm interested on frame Yamaha Yzf r125 with a v5 in any one has for sell I will be interested my phone number 07846663793 Sako thanks
    1. Kal-El
      You nicked someones bike didn't ya, you wrong un
      Dec 5, 2015